Join our “Learn & Earn Referral Program” and help us spread knowledge while earning rewards for yourself. Refer friends, family, and colleagues to our educational courses website; you and your referrals can benefit.

How It Works:

1. Sign Up:

  • Current Users: Existing users can log in to their accounts and find the referral program in their dashboard.
  • New Users: New users can sign up for our courses and gain access to the referral program upon registration.

2. Share Your Unique Referral Coupon code:

  • Each user will receive a unique referral Coupon code to share with friends and contacts.
  • Users can share this link via email, social media, or by copying and pasting it.

3. Friends Sign Up:

  • When a referred friend uses the unique coupon code and signs up for our courses, the referrer and the referred friend receive benefits.

4. Earn Rewards:

  • Referrer Benefits:
    • For every successful referral (when the referred friend completes their first-course purchase), the referrer earns Cash Back.
    • Accumulate referrals to unlock higher-tier rewards, such as free courses, exclusive webinars, or premium content access.
  • Referred Friend Benefits:
    • Referred friends receive a 10% discount on their first-course purchase.

5. Track Progress:

  • Users can track the status of their referrals and rewards within their dashboard or Email.
  • We provide transparency, showing which friends have signed up and how many rewards have been earned.

6. Spread Knowledge:

  • Encourage your friends to explore our educational courses and embark on a learning journey together.

7. Redeem Rewards:

  • Referrers can easily redeem their earned rewards by applying them at the checkout when purchasing a course.

8. Terms & Conditions:

  • Clearly outline program terms, including eligibility, referral limits, reward expiration, and any other important details.
  • Ensure the program adheres to ethical practices and prohibits spammy or fraudulent referrals.


  • Win-Win: Both referrers and referred friends benefit from discounts and rewards.


  • Promote the referral program through email newsletters, social media posts, and banners on your website.
  • Consider launching special campaigns or limited-time offers to kickstart the program.

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