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From what location are the 1st computer instructions available on boot up?

What could cause a fixed disk error.

Missing slot covers on a computer can cause?

When installing PCI NICS you can check the IRQ availability by looking at

With respect to a network interface card, the term 10/100 refers to

Which Motherboard form factor uses one 20 pin connector

A hard disk is divided into tracks which are further subdivided into:

A wrist grounding strap contains which of the following:

Which standard govern parallel communications?

In laser printer technology, what happens during the conditioning stage?

What product is used to clean smudged keys on a keyboard?

ESD would cause the most damage to which component?

To view any currently running Terminate Stay Resident (TSR's) programs you could type:

Which type of system board is the MOST likely candidate for processor upgrading if you want maximum performance and future compatibility?

Suppose that you have a the maintenance package identifies several possible field replaceable units (FRUs) that will resolve the problem. What should you do after turning the power off?

Most PCs give a single beep on bootup to indicate they are ok hardware wise. You boot your PC and don't get a beep. What should you check first?

Which peripheral port provides the FASTEST throughput to laser printers?

The mouse pointer moves erratically, what is the possible cause? The mouse

Voltage is measured:

Your customer tells you the print quality of their dot matrix printer is light then dark. Which of the following could cause the problem.

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